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Behind the Coverage: Proposition 65 (December, 2017)

LSR executives discuss their proprietary Prop 65 coverage offered to the Dietary & Herbal Supplement industry. MORE

LifeScienceRisk Expands Prop 65 Coverage for More Chemicals, Tea (October, 2017)

LSR has added five new chemicals to its Prop 65 coverage list and expanded coverage for the tea industry. MORE

LifeScienceRisk Introduces Prop 65 Coverage for the Dietary Supplement Industry (April, 2017)

LSR is the first to deliver this specialty insurance product, offering tailored coverage by a separate insurance policy that can be bundled with LSR’s Core Liability coverages. MORE

LifeScienceRisk: Consistency in a Changing Market (March, 2016)

LifeScienceRisk appeared in the March 21, 2016 issue of Insurance Journal. MORE

Implantable Devices: Medical Devices Open to Cyber Threats (April, 2015)

The threat of hacking implantable defibrillators and other devices is already growing. Mark Wood, President and CEO of LifeScienceRisk, weighs in. MORE

A Firm Hand on Innovation (March, 2015)

Mark Wood, President & CEO of LifeScienceRisk, discusses the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector with Intelligent Insurer. MORE

Risk of Remedy (December, 2012)

Mark Wood, President & CEO of LifeScienceRisk, discusses the seemingly unknown risks associated with supplements. MORE

Leading the Way in the Life Sciences Market (November, 2012)

RSG’s new MGU, LifeScienceRisk, brings capacity and expertise to this challenging space. MORE

Ryan Specialty Group, LLC Launches LifeScienceRisk (May, 2011)

MGU focuses on Generic Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Nutritional Supplements. MORE

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