Our specialized and comprehensive product portfolio is accessible through a channel of appointed retail and wholesale brokers dedicated to the Life Science industry. We provide customized policies to meet your clients’ individual needs.


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Does LSR offer primary and excess insurance?

Yes, LSR offers coverage on either a primary or excess basis. As a primary insurer, LSR offers claims-made coverage. When participating on a program as an excess insurer, LSR provides follow form coverage. We are capable of customizing policies as needed to meet the needs of our Life Science clients.

What is LSR’s total limit capacity?

LSR has the capability to offer a maximum of $25,000,000 USD limits.

Do you offer Worldwide Coverage?

Yes. Although our worldwide coverage does not extend to US embargoed OFAC countries, we do offer coverage globally.

Does LSR provide Errors and Omissions coverage?

Yes. We can provide Errors and Omissions coverage for third party financial loss as requested or as contractually required.

Does LSR have underwriting constraints concerning size of risk?

No. LSR underwrites risks of all sizes ranging from start-up firms to multi-billion dollar revenue companies.

Does LSR provide coverage for human clinical trials?

Yes. Coverage for humans clinical trials is automatically granted within our product / completed operations policy. In the event an insured needs a local international policy as required by local law, we can facilitate a placement for our clients.

What coverage enhancements do you provide?

Our form can be customized to include, but is not limited to the following:

  • True Worldwide Coverage
  • Broad Insured and Additional Insured Language
  • Expected and Unintended Injury Exclusion Amendment
  • Contractual Liability
  • Broadened Definition of Bodily Injury

Does LSR provide coverage for the dietary supplement industry?

Yes. LSR provides products and completed operations coverage to the dietary supplement industry. LSR also has developed a first-of-its-kind Proposition 65 insurance coverage for the dietary and herbal products industry.

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